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Don’t Wait Until 2010. Be Proactive! September 10, 2009

Posted by John Watch in News Feed.
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After reading Martha Brown’s Active Rain Post about Waiting, I realized that many of us in Real Estate are subject to this habit. We wait for property data reports and public records, wait for a popular opinion or wait to see if things will get better. And while sometimes, waiting is the best thing to do, having a reactive mindset isn’t. Being reactive is waiting for things to happen before we decide to do something about it – in other words- NOT PLANNING. With that said, why wait?

Real Estate is Cyclical, Seasonal and Emotional, and unfortunately we have seen all three in 2009. Instead of waiting until the turn of the 2009 clock, set goals, checks and balances now to ensure your secuirty in the real estate market. As time passes and the market corrects itself, foreclosures will ease, more people will get loan assistance and prices will go up. How will this affect you?

An important factor in the housing bust was borrowers not being prepared for changes in values in the market. Instead of being proactive, most people were left with nowhere to turn after the crisis was already here. Now, borrowers with “exotic mortgages” are reaching the limit to pay up. Being proactive and not waiting for things to happen are the keys to a better outlook. We are the ones in control, and we have to start acting like it. AccuriZ is looking forward as we move in the Real Estate Market.

So BE PROACTIVE. 2010 is right around the corner. What does it hold in store for you?

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