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Summer Breather: Positive News leads to Increased Confidence! September 10, 2009

Posted by John Watch in AccuriZ News.
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White pants and white shoes go in the closet after Labor Day!

And so should the commentary we have become addicted to over the last six months regarding the Real Estate Market.  The rhetoric of “worse is to come” claiming the headlines should be replaced with the optimism of a full fledged recovery in 2010.

I have presented several blog posts during the past eight weeks dealing with Housing in Crisis, Mortgage Assistance Programs and most notably the Cyclical and Seasonal real estate markets.  Our efforts to attain over 40 million public records covering the top 100 MSA’s has been successful, yielding positive results that analyze actual property data and sales activity, not a tracking index.

Because real estate is complex, many analysts seek a simple solution to explain the patterns of buying and selling activity. But there is no simple solution; given that location and square footage are two critical elements that affect property values.

We have received over 100 comments to our blogs which tend to agree with this.  So my challenge to those who follow our posts is to join in and become more Active!  Your comments do not just reach us; they reach other members who can benefit from your insight and guidance.

Opinions on the real estate market will only change when more analyses of public records and the property data associated with those records are presented and accepted by the blogosphere.  This is not a small block of users that can be ignored.

Sure, there remain problems in the market. Sure, appraisers are being conservative. And yes, some agents may be crossing the line.  But the bottom line is this:

Positive News leads to increased confidence.  Increased confidence will lead to more sales and thus all Real Estate Agents benefit. We are headed towards a housing recovery and we need to announce it.  So submit a blog post or comment where you have experienced something positive in the past three months or what you see ahead.

You can make a difference!

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