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AccuriZ: The Science of Valuation

AccuriZ: The Science of Valuation



AccuriZ.com (formerly Uspdr.com) was created in 1999 to assist individuals, businesses and governmental agencies in obtaining information on real propertyin New York State.  Based on user requests, AccuriZ.com was launched in 2007 to with added functionality and data from other states. 

We often hear people say that a real estate valuation is an “Art” and not “Science”.  AccuriZ provides the Science behind the “Art”.   AccuriZ provides the statistical data to support the valuation and provides all users the ability to evaluate information received from real estate brokers, appraisers, insurance agents, building contractors and other professionals in an independent format. 

Our core philosophy is to assist users of this site by providing as much reference material as possible for review.  Statistical data is presented to support property values, with a powerful time-line analysis spanning seven years, instead of a standard six month history.  An AccuriZ rating factor defines the reliability of the data and the overall confidence in the valuation estimate within a definable range. Valuation factors provide statistical probability and can be easily explained to the user via a “Common Sense” approach to produce state-of-the-art real estate valuations. 

Other organizations incorporate portions of our underlying data, however key elements of our data, and most importantly our algorithms, are proprietary to AccuriZ.  The main weakness of most valuation resources is that they broadly estimate property value changes based on an index like the CPI or relying solely on property assessment data.  Valuations that fluctuate by 10% or more from one month to the next are not reflective of actual market conditions, but specific factors for that time period only.  Real estate values change over long periods of time, not like the stock and bond markets which change daily.

AccuriZ provides a scientific, unbiased approach for valuation and property data validation. The most critical element in property valuation is the physical data that exists for a property and we provide the user a means to correct data that is wrong.  Proprietary algorithms developed over the last 10 year enable AccuriZ to clean and stratify data so that accurate valuation estimates can be produced. 

Whether you are an individual looking to make a wise purchase or sale decision, a commercial enterprise in need of unbiased data and insight, or a government agency in need of valuation support, AccuriZ provides unmatched precision combined with a commitment to client service that can only be described as “old fashioned”. 

And at AccuriZ, Accuracy is everything. 



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