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Stability for the Manhattan Market in Fruition September 21, 2009

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In a recent New York Times article, fall expectations for the Manhattan real estate market were optimistic as listings show normal levels compared to last year, indicating confidence. Stability is now appearing in the Manhattan market, which was reported in our Manhattan Condo Market article a month ago, as well as the NYC Square Footage Report.

In our Manhattan Condo article, we projected a 4th Quarter of stability after increases in sales activity and property values for the July, August and September months. The recent New York Time article confirmed our predictions. According to the article, 40 percent of new listings in Manhattan after Labor Day were condos while 60 percent were co-ops.

With actual analysis using property data from public records, we indicate the trends accurately and determine the market outlook. While many were concerned with the proposed Shadow Inventory spelling disaster for the Manhattan Market, the numbers projected are now proving otherwise.

Heading into the 4th Quarter, AccuriZ will continue to provide accurate analysis on the market. Hopefully the media outlets like The New York Times will continue to as well.

For additional statistical analysis on Manhattan and other boroughs including property data and valuation, click here.

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